Tipping the Scales, Show.me.up @ Paradise Works

3rd - 31st  March 2018

Paradise Works, Irwell House, Salford, M3 7LE 

Tipping the scales is the inaugural exhibition presented by Kieran Leach and Precious Innes under the moniker Show.me.up. The curatorial duo will program a series of exhibitions, the first of which will take place in the Paradise Works Gallery.

With an emphasis on sculptural work, the exhibition features UK based artists at various stages in their careers. Throughout the show there is a sense of art imitating life, as the artists tackle notions of work, play and societal pressures. From daily routines and ingrained behaviours to social tropes and leisure pursuits, the group show concerns the perfect balancing act we all aim to achieve in life. The use of humour runs throughout, exposing coping mechanisms we use to deal with the uncertainty of an unstable existence. Elements of the works induce a sense of nostalgia, a look back to simpler times perhaps, exemplifying notions of childlike escapism. The show acts as survey of our collective consciousness, and endeavours to physically manifest our attitudes towards matters that sit upon the scales of life.


Artists: Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Alexander J Croft, Richard Hughes, Precious Innes, Kieran Leach, Sam Porritt, Sara Procter, Gwyn Williams and Alistair Woods. 

Alexander J Croft, Alistair Woods, Gwyn Williams, Sam Porritt 

Kieran Leach, Alistair Woods, Richard Hughes 

Hyslop Office Supplies, 2017. Sara Procter 

Richard Hughes, Corey Bartle-Sanderson 

The grant or failure to grant such approval or the making of or failure to make such objection or any such inspection of or failure to inspect, 2018. Precious Innes

Muscle Memory, 2017. Sam Porritt 

Tech Yourself  Before You Wreck Yourself, 2018. Kieran Leach

The Slacker, 2018. Richard Hughes

Do you come here often? (Cherry B), 2018. Corey Bartle-Sanderson

A Portrait of Jack Charlton, 2017. Alistair Woods

Homage to the Shelf Stacker pt.2, 2017, Alexander J Croft

Mitre, 2017. Gwyn Williams 

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